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Waimes: fancy dress party and a fondue banquet:

After a day out on the High Fens with friends, you can immerse yourself in a different world entirely. Scotland, Venice and the Renaissance era, or how about Pirates of the Caribbean: you name it and La Faitafondue has the right costume waiting for you. The only constant in this particular eatery are the fifteen fondues on offer. The poultry fondue allows you to sample quail, ostrich and turkey. The specialities of the house include the mussel fondue and the seafood dish. Needless to say you can also tuck into a very substantial traditional cheese fondue - all of which as much as you can eat, as much as your pirate belt will allow. The kids have the run of the playground with its own trampoline.

La Faitafondue
rue de Merkem 4
Tel. 080 77 07 77