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A walk true the many forrest of vielsalm, in trot of gallop through the field roads and forrest paths. Picknicking on the river side or on an open area in the woods. This all with a horse that has been selected because of its determination. A dream? Its all in possible in vielsalm.

Willow Springs Way Station
Cherain 2
4m – 6670 GOUVY
78 51 11


Guided rides, well-trained horses, only on request, minimum 2 people, multiple possibilities (see website). 
Rides in a carriage
covered with a canvas sheet, only on request.  Saloon with catering.

La Ferme de la Planche
Montleban 75 - 6670 GOUVY
080/51 78 62 - 0498/05 30 41

Trips riding on mules (for children weighing less than 50 kg). 10€/hour/mule.
Rides in a carriage drawn by brave Ardennes draught mares, who will show you superb country roads and extensive landscapes (maximum of 6 adults per carriage).60€ for 90 min.